Lightning and Surge Protection
Professionals in Sri Lanka
we assure your protection
Smart RCCB (Auto Trip-Switch)
  • Earth leakage to the level of sensitivity 27mA
  • Over voltage protection (254V, AC 50/60Hz)
  • Under voltage protection (160V, AC 50/60Hz)
  • Surge protection up to 20kA (8/20μs)
  • 3 Year comprehensive warranty
We assure 15% to 20%
reduction of your electricity bill
energy economizing at all times

About Us

Micro Power Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lanka was founded in the year 1995. From the inception it focused to the attention of protecting Man & Environment in the business activities.

our office

Extensive research was carried out by professional engineers on the field & was able to develop highly protective devices to protect from direct & indirect lightning strikes. We specialize in the following high technology applications.

  • Lightning Protection Technology
  • Surge Protection Technology
  • Electrical Consultancy & Energy Conservation
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