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Why do you rely on us, as a lightning & surge protection solution provider?

28 Years of Experience In Lightning & Surge Protection Systems

Micro Power Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lanka was founded in the year 1995. From the inception it focused to the attention of protecting Man & Environment in the business activities.

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Why choose us for your project?

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Experienced team

Micro Power Engineering boasts a seasoned team with extensive expertise in Lightning and Surge Protection. Our professionals bring in-depth knowledge, ensuring innovative solutions and dependable support for all your protection requirements.

Quality products

We take pride in delivering Lightning and Surge Protection devices that surpass international standards. Micro Power Engineering is synonymous with unwavering commitment to quality, providing products built to withstand the toughest challenges globally.

Reliable and friendly

Micro Power Engineering is not just a manufacturer; we're your reliable partner. Beyond top-notch products, our customer service is friendly and responsive. We understand the importance of trust and aim to build lasting relationships by being a reliable and approachable partner throughout your experience with us.

We provide the best service for you

Frequently asked questions

The IEC 62305 standard series has to be observed. Particularly Supplement 5 to DIN EN 62305-3 provides detailed information on lightning and surge protection for PV systems. In addition, the CLC/TS 50539-12:2013 technical specification is available for Europe.

A lightning protection system consists of external and internal lightning protection. External lightning protection includes air-termination systems and down conductors which discharge the lightning current via defined paths to the ground.

To ensure internal protection, it is recommended to use surge protective devices (SPDs) in all areas at risk.

Surge arresters are subdivided into three classes: Type 1, 2 or 3. The arresters have a different discharge capacity and voltage protection level (max. voltage in case of a discharge process).

This depends on whether an external lightning protection system is installed. If so, it depends on whether the separation distance between the lightning protection system and the PV components has been maintained (see WP018 and WP019).

Besides the different types, we also distinguish between Red/Line and Yellow/Line.

Red/Line arresters include all types for the power side of a photovoltaic system. Yellow/Line arresters are used for signal and communication lines.

No! Zne-Guard surge arresters are capable of repeatedly discharging lightning currents. This was proven in several laboratory tests and is confirmed by our long-standing field experience.

From a lightning protection point of view, it is not necessary to integrate the module frame in the earth-termination system. Only the mounting system must be integrated. However, certain module types have to be earthed. Observe the requirements of the module manufacturer.

No, With a Nano-Chemical Mold invented by MPE recently, a single earthing system is the best solution for multiple down conductor earthing in the common point from the ground level that is via Nano-Chemical mold. Although the foundations in contact with the ground fulfill the function of an earth electrode to a Nano-Chemical mold. However, foundations in contact with the ground can be used as an earth-termination system. Detailed information on this topic can be found in Supplements.

No, the installation of a conventional PV system at or on top of a building does not increase the risk of a lightning strike.

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